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We Are DreamCon

We are an acquisitions company based off of an exceptionally sound business model of acquiring construction-based companies in the United States that are a going concern. We bring in a competent acquisitions team to create a smooth transition of ownership and then monitor and ensure steady growth from there with a strong work ethic and financial transparency.
Our Executive team has over 75 years of experience in the construction industry and it is our passion. We take great pride and pleasure in establishing, growing and expanding construction related businesses and providing viable jobs for our community at large.
There is no greater joy than building a great team that succeeds in creating top tier products. With our Best Practices, our ultimate goal is to ensure our expanded team of employees have an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

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Our Companies

Our companies are located but not limited to the Pacific Northwest ranging from home and office remodeling to building fences to chimney repair and maintenance.  Our Flagship office is located in Portland, Oregon. 

All of our companies follow Best Practices of safety and financial transparency. We have a unique partnership with two software companies, WorkForce Recon and MindCloud. These partnerships enable us to have all estimates linked to Quickbooks and all phases of our jobs tracked at any given time with full disclosure. 

Each company seeks equal opportunity and the ability for any employee to move up the ranks with hands on experience and on the job training. All employees have the opportunity to become leaders and continue to increase their financial viability for themselves and their families. 


DreamCon Acquisitions

An exceptionally sound business model of acquiring construction based companies that are a going concern

Our Partners

DreamCon is proud to partner with Mind Cloud and Work Force Recon. Our Best Practices include full financial transparency and real time job documentation. All our companies utilize custom built software connections to link all estimates to Quickbooks and a unique and extremely efficient job tracking system.

Simplify. Scale. Automate. 

MindCloud is a software company that builds and maintains custom connections between your software and other platforms so you can eliminate manual data entry and start automating and scaling your business.

Workforce Recon

Manage your field crew and your risk in one place.

Work Force Recon gives your team the accountability and measurement tools to ensure jobsite success. This app was created for the obstacles of a construction site – the headaches, the constant change requests, the hidden expenses. Start tracking everything.

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About The Founder and CEO of DreamCon
Jason Reid is a successful businessman and licensed pilot who began his career in 1994 by starting a masonry company in Portland, Oregon. He learned the Ins and Outs of masonry as well as the overall scope of the construction industry through hands on experience, both as an employee and business owner.
Each of Jason’s acquisitions under DreamCon provide full transparency and consistent, guaranteed quality of service. He doesn’t believe in predestined limitations or support that anyone is incapable based on their education, ethnicity or background. Jason is an advocate of the American Dream and embraces it so that there is true equal opportunity and meritocracy in all his companies.